About Intelligent Insulation

Welcome to Intelligent Insulation Ltd, home of leading acoustic and thermal insulation brands Acoustiblok and Thermablok Aerogel.

As both Acoustiblok and Thermablok Aerogel are founded on NASA based technology, we felt it was about time we brought them under one house, linking the company’s drive toward sourcing specialist insulation solutions which work in a forward thinking and intelligent way.

With an increasing demand on the construction industry for maintaining gross internal area, both Acoustiblok and Thermablok Aerogel have come into their own, offering workable specialist solutions, whether to combat noise pollution or improve energy efficiency,  especially in critical tolerance areas where thicker conventional insulation systems are not the answer.

At Intelligent Insulation we have much to thank Dr Samuel Kistler the inventor of Aerogel back in 1931. Today, the most thermally efficient material known to man, is now available through a unique process in our Thermablok Aerogel systems, widely specified by architects for sustainable building and green construction projects.

This technology provides a revolutionary solution to the energy efficiency of buildings, not only in green and ecological construction where Thermablok Aerogel comes into its own, but also in the treatment of heritage and architectural conservation projects, to enable the preservation of the character and life of a building.

At Intelligent Insulation we strive to harness and develop knowledge, products and skills, because we have a profound understanding that a property is not just a building, it is an asset, a home, a workplace, a lifestyle.

For more details regarding our Acoustic and Thermal solutions please visit their individual websites on the links below or call us on 01622 840289 or via e-mail: info@intelligentinsulation.co.uk

Acoustic Division

Acoustiblok UK

Acoustiblok – www.acoustiblok.co.uk

Thermal Division

Thermablok UK

Thermablok – www.thermablok.co.uk